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ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions bring everything under a single database and interface, assisting businesses in managing and streamlining their business operations. Efficiency decreases when each division or location has its own software and data sources.

Time and money are wasted on complicated processes. Database expansion leads to confusion and duplication. It is challenging to identify and address issues when they are not visible.

Employees that use an ERP system can easily access the data they require to support clients, operations, and projects.

Epicor ERP Services in Qatar 


Epicor ERP is a highly Scalable Resource Planning (ERP) solution for medium and bigger businesses in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and trade.

It’s quick to set up, simple to use, customizable and can compete on a worldwide scale. Epicor ERP is a collection of integrated, customizable business management tools that provide your staff more confidence when making crucial business decisions. We comprehend your existing and future demands with the help of our team of skilled Epicor Consultants and business process experts, re-engineer your operations to follow best practices, and provide the appropriate solution to achieve the highest level of performance.

For Epicor ERP, we offer advice, implementation, customization, upgrade, report generation, end-user training, etc.



  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Post-Deployment Epicor Support
  • Technical & Functional Training
  • ERP Project Management
  • Implementation

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